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A letter to State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz

Dear Senator Chang-Diaz, I’ve written you before but I feel compelled to write you again. The Massachusetts Association of Charters has sent out an email saying that there will be a vote on Tuesday. They are already claiming victory. I wanted to write you want one last time to ask you to please not abandon … Continue reading

36 holes of (mini) golf

One of the problems with mini golf in the summertime is that the course gets back up with people. When we played today, we hit a hole where there was a particularly long wait. There was a family with a lot of kids in front of us. A german family. Behind us was an emo … Continue reading

What’s is going on up there?

New folks have moved upstairs from us. They are a young, straight couple with a baby. They’re interesting. He has long hair that he pulls back into a ponytail despite the obvious onset of male pattern baldness. She smells like patchouli. The girl won’t do anything without consulting with her guy first. If I ask … Continue reading

Just another Saturday night

I was helping my son with a school project and the glue was clogged. So I took a knife to try and jam it through. Jammed through my left hand instead. I put a band-aid on it. Then tonight we decided to make fish and chips using a new potato slicer. It was very sharp. … Continue reading

Trying to make some noise

So I am trying to draw some attention to the fact that they are proposing an increase to the number of charter schools in MA. Below is my email to my State Senator and the Chair of the Joint Education Committee: Dear Senator Chang-Diaz: My name is Googie Baba. I am a resident of Jamaica … Continue reading

Church Drama

When I first joined a church, I got roped into the hospitality committee. That’s just fine because I like coffee hour best. But when it came my time to set up for coffee, I found out that I had stumbled upon a quiet battle. As I was setting up the cupcakes and tea, several people … Continue reading

On Tony Robbins. The Big Fat Sexist

Listen lovelies, You may have noticed that I have more or less abandoned this blog. In fact, I had a hard time remembering my password. But the apologists for the shyster known as Tony Robbins have caused me to log back in again. I know you think I don’t get it. But I was there. … Continue reading