My Word and Willywags

I have to pay $500 for a mouth guard. I blame this race for mayor. Yes. I blame you.

With the exception of Felix Arroyo and Rob Consalvo, the candidates have given me some version of this:

Yes, there are some serious problems with the charter schools i.e. attrition rates and cherry picking populations. But we can tweak this. We can hold their feet to the fire.

I smile (because I was raised to be a nice girl) and quietly gnash my teeth. Because this is either a complete lack of understanding at how charter schools work or you are dodging my concerns.

I have this horrible feeling that you just don’t understand.

Because charter schools are private institutions.

BULLSHIT! Charter schools are public schools. Look they even say so:

I can hear you. And it’s not bullshit. On web sites, charter school advocates say that they are public schools. That is marketing.

In the court rooms, charter schools argue that they are private schools. And the result has been a mish mash of decisions and a general mess. Legally, sometimes, the courts have decided they are “public actors” and sometimes…not.’s-time-to-try-something-new-why-old-precedent-does-not-suit-charter-schools-in-the-search-for-state-actor-status

So “holding their feet to the fire” isn’t so clear cut.

writing1Furthermore, a friend of mine obtained a charter school contract through an FOIA request. Contractually, it stated that [REDACTED] is answerable to it’s Board of Directors and not Boston Public Schools.

So there are also contractual issues that make it difficult to change the way charter schools operate.

Corporate Educators have wrecked havoc in Chicago, Florida, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

But they haven’t in Boston. Because we do have a control measure. And that control measure is the charter cap. You remove that and all bets are off.


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