36 holes of (mini) golf

One of the problems with mini golf in the summertime is that the course gets back up with people. When we played today, we hit a hole where there was a particularly long wait. There was a family with a lot of kids in front of us. A german family. Behind us was an emo family wearing zomblie shirts. And behind them was an older gentleman with a young, pretty wife and their daughter. 

We waited for a very long time for the large family to get to move along. At one point, the May half of the May/December family started to stomp her feet. She then paraded to the top of the line, looked around and stopped her feet. She passed over to a bridge and called out to her husband and child, “We are going now.”

“Do you want to tell her that?” he asked pointing to the child.

She stomped around a bit more. “I don’t want to wait. Tell her we are going.”

“You tell her,” he said. The daughter appeared oblivious. But the crowd wasn’t. We all looked at the husband to see what he would do. The woman was pacing back and forth on the bridge. Finally, he turned to the little girl and told her to go talk to her mother. The mom didn’t say anything to the girl.

Finally, the man said to the child, “I guess we are done.” 

“You don’t get a say?” the German man asked with a laugh.  The little girl didn’t make a fuss at all.

Because my son loves mini golf we played until nearly everyone else had left. We came Imageupon these three preteen girls. At this hole, there was split in the green and a water trap underneath. You had to hit the ball hard enough to go over the trap. But not so hard it would bounce off the course.

The two friends weren’t having any luck. Their balls kept getting stuck in the trap. Finally, the last girl went. She was chubby and wore glasses. She raised her putt and then her ball flew over the trap.

“NICE” Jen and I both exclaimed. The young girl then nodded her head with all of the swagger of a rapper.


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