Save Money. Live Better. Open a Charter and Break the Unions Part I

Do you know that there isn’t a Walmart in Boston? There just isn’t one. But the Walton family, and several other out of state donors like Bill Gates and Charles Schwab are apparently very interested in our little state. There has been an enormous amount of money poured into local elections in the Bay State. But you won’t see it if you go to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.  You won’t find it by plugging in Bill Gates’ name into the OCPF database. Luckily, I’m sly like a fox.

What these groups want is to increase the number of charter schools in Massachusetts. But being Massachusetts, you need to convince our legislatures to raise the cap. In another post, I will talk about why I am opposed to raising the cap. But right now, just follow me down the money trail.

Enter the Oregon based Stand for Children. And who are they? Well, they stand for “children”. Great. I love kids. But they are also ferociously anti-union and pro charter. And that is what they actually do. They advocate for my charter schools and they try to break the protections that unions have negotiated for teachers. Because apparently, you can’t be for both teachers and children. Also, you can see from their year end report that they are bankrolled by the Walton Family, Gates Foundation and Schwab.

I ran across this video today. You may have heard the Chicago is closing 54 schools this year. Here is Stand for Children’s cofounder talking about how they were able to break the Chicago Teachers Union.

It is a dry video. But the long and the short of it is that there are breaches in traditional political allies because of the difficult fiscal environment. They target a few influential candidates (R or D), and as Edelman says, the politicians are “vehicles to execute a political objective.”

So once these folks are elected, Stand for Children is able to ram through their anti union proposals.

So after I saw the video, I got to thinking. Mass Stand (Massachusetts chapter of Stand for Children) is here. I wonder if they have spent any money here? Jonah Edelman makes it clear at the end of the video that he wants to take his show on the road.


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