Extreme Politics, Boston Mayor Edition: Rob Consalvo

There are 24 people running for mayor. I am going to try and meet all of them before I cast my vote in September (this probably won’t happen). I will blog about my interactions, intentional or accidental, as I go along. 

The soft pretzels were a good call.

The soft pretzels were a good call.

Me: We are going to a party tonight.

DS: A birthday party.

Me: No.

DS: Are there going to be any kids there?

Me: I don’t know.

DS: Where is it?

Me: In a church hall.

DS: There is NOT going to be any toys there.

The night kind of went down hill from there. The kids and I went to Rob Consalvo’s campaign kick off party after my friend harassed me into going invited me. It started at 6:30 which is the witching hour. The music was loud. There were a lot of people there.  Viv ran smack into the son of a state senator. His wife came running over to me and apologized. “This is bad,” she said as she surveyed the chaos, “Something bad is going to happen.”

I knew I should leave but I felt like unless I shake the candidate’s hand, it didn’t really count for blog purposes. So we stayed.  The kids in the audience were sitting on the stage when the program started. But someone came over and told me that it was causing problems with the audio recording. So I had to get my kids off the stage. (Just to be clear, a lot of the kids were on the stage but I went to get mine). And my daughter started to lose it. So I had to drag her out.

By the time we got home, she was a screaming sticky mess.

Impression: I don’t know. I didn’t get to talk to him. He had soft pretzels out.

More or Less Likely to Vote for Candidate after meeting him or her: I am tempted to be like the brides in Four Weddings who down vote a wedding when their heel gets caught in the sidewalk. I know that I need to give him another chance. But that was not fun.

Candidates website: http://robconsalvo.com I know that Universal Hub already talked about this, but Mr. Consalvo’s web site is basically a big picture of his head. WTF?


4 thoughts on “Extreme Politics, Boston Mayor Edition: Rob Consalvo

  1. I asked you – not quite harassed… but you know I would do same for you! ;p And I PROMISE you will get to shake Rob’s hand and have a conversation with him at my house party! And viv will have a blast with all the kids!

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