Extreme Politics, Boston Mayor Edition: Dan Conley

There are 24 people running for mayor. I am going to try and meet all of them before I cast my vote in September (this probably won’t happen). I will blog about my interactions, intentional or accidental, as I go along. 

She was terrorizing the good people of West Rox

She was terrorizing the good people of West Rox

I met Dan Conley one rainy afternoon on a  Saturday because my children were running amok on the side of the West Roxbury Parkway. We were there, on the side of the road, in the rain, because I had a flat tire. I was so ill prepared for this situation that when I realized what was happening, I had to call my brother-in-law to ask what to do (pull over to the side, put hazards on, call triple A, call me back).

A black SUV pulled up, and there was a gentleman talking to the police officer. I actually thought I might be in trouble when I saw him. He had that air of authority about him. For those not in Boston, Dan is our District Attorney. He introduced himself, and then asked me if I wanted him to take the kids home. This continues to amuse me. My children are gorgeous. They are bright, shiny stars. But they are also beastly. I keep imagining what would have happened if I had said yes, and put my two kids in the back of his beautiful SUV.

I thanked him for his offer, but politely turned him down. Then I said I wanted to talk to him about charter schools. He seemed amused that I would want to talk about this, on the side of the road, in the rain with the bored looking policeman looking on. The DA and I don’t agree on charter schools. To his credit, he did offer me through twitter to meet and talk about this issue. If this happens, I will definitely blog about it.

Impression: The interaction left me with a favorable impression of Dan Conley. And I give him credit for listening to my concerns in such an absurd situation.

More or Less Likely to Vote for Candidate after meeting him or her: I think I am more likely to vote for Mr. Conley now even though I would like to know more about his position on education. His web site is not very illuminating. However, as District Attorney, he would probably have a lot of ideas on bringing down the crime rate in Boston.

Candidates website: http://www.danconleyda.com  As an aside, he is better looking in person than he is on his web site. Also, he has hardly any Twitter followers. Who is his social media person? They need to get on the ball.

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