Trying to make some noise

So I am trying to draw some attention to the fact that they are proposing an increase to the number of charter schools in MA. Below is my email to my State Senator and the Chair of the Joint Education Committee:

Dear Senator Chang-Diaz:

My name is Googie Baba. I am a resident of Jamaica Plain and your constituent. I am also a proud parent of a Boston Public School student, and I am training to become a special education advocate.

I am writing you because I am deeply concerned with the proposal to lift the cap on the number of charter schools. My greatest concern with charter schools is that, fundamentally, they are an abandonment of the public commitment to educate all children. Only parents who have the wherewithal to apply are able to get their children into charter schools. Furthermore, it is well documented that children with special needs are not adequately served in these schools. Plus, children with behavior issues are often shown the door instead of working with the child and providing them with services to help them achieve academically.

Charter schools drain public funds at a time when we should be feeding resources into the public schools. Instead, they divert public funds to for-profit companies. Charters schools that are licensed by the state are not required to hire teachers from the teacher’s union. At a time when teachers feel that they are undervalued and unsupported, increasing the number of charter schools will only further erode their confidence.

In short, I feel that though charter schools may have a place within a community, there are serious downsides. They drain public funds to for-profit companies, they do not educate all children adequately, and they undermine teachers.

Thank you for your time.


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