Church Drama

When I first joined a church, I got roped into the hospitality committee. That’s just fine because I like coffee hour best. But when it came my time to set up for coffee, I found out that I had stumbled upon a quiet battle. As I was setting up the cupcakes and tea, several people whispered to me that I had to watch out for V. She liked things just so. And even though it might make more sense to keep the cream on the same table as the coffee, V did not like that. She thought having the cream so close to the coffee would clog up the line. So the cream was kept on a2035959451_634a63f0da separate table.

Truth was, there was a special place in my heart for V. She was one of those older women who you know you just do not trifle with. Plus, she has the same name as my daughter so they were always sort of in cahoots together.

During our prayers of the people, we heard how V had come through her operation with flying colors. I had no doubt that she would. But then she was back in the hospital. And then she was absent for a bit. Next, the pastor sent out an email informing us that she was entering hospice.

And I swear to God, not a half an hour after that email, did I receive another email informing me that there would be a meeting of the Hospitality Committee.

I felt like writing back, “She’s not even dead yet!” But I guess the other ladies don’t want to miss this opportunity. I’m definitely going. If I don’t, they might do something rash like decide that the cream belongs on the same table as the coffee. Someone needs to make sure that the line moves along.


3 thoughts on “Church Drama

  1. Those are some cold ladies on the Hospitality Committee. My grandmother used to do things that drove everyone absolutely crazy. Now that she’s gone I love remembering all those things.

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