On Tony Robbins. The Big Fat Sexist

Listen lovelies,

You may have noticed that I have more or less abandoned this blog. In fact, I had a hard time remembering my password. But the apologists for the shyster known as Tony Robbins have caused me to log back in again.

I know you think I don’t get it. But I was there. Were you? I know what I saw. This is what happened:

1. There was a woman who complained of feeling useless because she no longer a part of her profession. It was a profession that she loved.

2. At no point did she complain of having difficulties in her relationship with her husband or her children. She missed her job.

3. Mr. Robbins asked her if she was more masculine or more feminine. She responded: Masculine

4. Mr. Robbins forced her to change her answer. He made her answer feminine.

5. He then went on to give her a solution for a problem she didn’t have. Namely, that she was unhappy in her relationship because she wasn’t feminine enough. She never said this was her problem. He decided this was her problem.

Darlings, this is sexism per se. He decided she had these issues based on absolutely nothing but the fact that she was a) a women and b) wanted to work. Just like MOST WOMEN.

If this was a therapy session, it would have been malpractice. But because Mr. Robbins is a friend of Oprah, you lemmings think he is some sort of guru.

Open. Your. Eyes.

8 thoughts on “On Tony Robbins. The Big Fat Sexist

  1. He is. I have seen the video on youtube, cut off before the sexist part, but the last thing he said… it was enough for me.
    He said to her: “I am not going to say you shouldn’t go back into your business, I’m just saying you have an illusion of what’s going to make you feel significant.”

    How dare he tell her what or what not makes her feel significant! That is different for each person, and is totally up to her to decide! I am so angry about it. (I have discovered all of this just now)

    And before that he totally deflected from the original problem, by talking about her family, which was not what was her problem – and I want to add: which is not what DEFINES her!!!!!
    Every human being needs dreams and goals that have nothing to do with OTHERS.

    That last sentence “you have an illusion of what’s going to make you feel significant” totally took away from her: her being in control of her mind. He does not own her mind, and he cannot dictate her any feelings. He is just awful.

    Also, I’m really picky, but, just picture this woman would be a man: why did come so close and touched her on her arm continuously? Would he have done that to a man, too? It was too close. And then he acted like she doesn’t own her mind.

    Really, just replace her with a man. Then you realize that this man would get diverged from his dream by Tony. Calmed, soothened. But softly killed his dream.

    • Robbins claims that she has an illusion about what is going to make her feel significant. What did he replace that with?

    • I completely agree that was sexist. I am a man and I’ve been noticing that a lot of self help books are written for men only and treat women poorly. I was hoping some of the more contemporary self gurus treated women better but it’s clear to see that Anthony Robbins doesn’t. It’s hard to take anything he says seriously after watching this clip.

  2. I know of people that have worked with him very early on in his career. The sexism is real. He is degrading and emotionally manipulative towards women. Period.

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