I am not raising Democrats

I took my children with me to vote. These last couple of days, Parker expressed a lot of anxiety that Obama wouldn’t win the election. Somehow Jen and I communicated our fears to him even though we try keep political discussions

out of our children’s hearing range. I told him that I thought Obama would win (I knew because Nate Silver told me so). But

I also said, Parker when you grow you, you get to choose who vote for. You can vote for whomever you want.

I think its natural to want your children to be like you. Seriously, with all of the work you put in, it’s the least they could do. But I am not raising a Democrat. I am raising a child. And I want my children to understand that their brain is their own. No one should tell them how to think. If they become conservatives,  well, I won’t like it. But I’ll respect their choice


One thought on “I am not raising Democrats

  1. couldn’t agree more! my son is only 2 months old. everyone kept referring to him as an obama baby and wanting him to pose with obama swag. it drove me nuts. i referred to him as the tiniest undecided voter. he is his own person, and i want him to feel free to have his own opinions and preferences and ideas, and to come by them himself. of course, if he wants to root for a different football team than me, he may have to go elsewhere to watch the games on sunday…

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