Screw community building, I’m staging a coup

I am in the middle of a PTA* battle, and I am not winning. I was suckered volunteered to be the lead organizer for our Back to School party. Now, I got to say guys, I am a very neurotic person. I fixate on things. I am 42 years old, and this is the only coping mechanism I have left. I used to drink, take drugs and sleep around, but for various reasons, I’ve had to give those up. So I am stuck with fixating on having a Blow Out Pumpkin Festival.

The only problem was that no one else wanted a Pumpkin Festival. We couldn’t afford to give pumpkins away (we’re a public school). I thought we could do a fundraiser. The committee worried about transporting the pumpkins.  I said they could be delivered. They said everyone was tired of fundraisers.

What won’t be at our Fall Festival

The committee wanted a simple play date. I’m frustrated because if everyone had such clear ideas for this party, why didn’t they suck it up volunteer to lead this thing? My friend pointed out that I did a great job of facilitating discussion. That by presenting the committee with ideas that they didn’t want, I gave everyone an opportunity to envision and articulate what they did want.

I think…screw that. I’m arming the children with gourds and storming this party! There is no PTA – I’m the New Pumpkin Overlord! (Or not.)

*It’s not actually called the PTA. We have a more nuanced and empowering name, but for clarity purposes, I’m calling it the PTA.


10 thoughts on “Screw community building, I’m staging a coup

  1. Do your subjects get pumpkin muffins/pie/cheesecake, etc. for pledging their allegence? because then i might consider it…though is this offer only open to members of your school?….or could you show up at “playdate” with a jack o lantern and pumpkin treats of some sort to add a perky, passive aggressive element?

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