Mystery Writing 101

I’m writing a murder mystery. I was getting so depressed about my job situation, I decided to give myself a challenge. I challenged myself to write a page a day of a novel. I am now up to 187 pages and the end of the first draft is in site!

I wanted to workshop my novel so I signed up for a Mystery and Thriller Writing Class. It’s fabulous.

Every week, I sit next to an old guy who used to be a Longshoreman. He didn’t talk to me much the first few classes. But last time, he told me that he was able to get the job by taking over his father’s union card. And he has a new wife who is Swedish. He then showed me his Maine Red Claws T-shirt and baseball cap.

Another classmate is a self proclaimed alcoholic. I think he’s been sober about 5 minutes. He is missing his middle finger and it makes one wonder.Last week, the guy with the missing middle finger was not in class. I worried about him all week since obviously, he has beef with someone.

Luckily, this week he showed back up. I found him waiting outside of the elevator. We had a long time to wait because someone was hauling a butt load of paintings up and down the elevator.
The guy with the missing finger showed me a postcard of a statute. It was a mock up of a memorial that they are making for Edgar Allan Poe in Boston.

He said, “Me and Edgar Allan Poe have a connection. We are both writers, we are both from Boston, and we were both in the military.” I agreed that it was a lot to have in common with someone. I think I then complained that the person with all the paintings was hogging the elevator.

A well dressed woman who had just been standing there turned to me and said, “I’m the person with all the paintings.” I asked her why she wasn’t in the elevator then.
She told me that someone had jumped in the elevator and taken off with her art work.
I had obviously offended her. She made a big show of thanking everyone for their patience when her paintings finally came back down in the elevator.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Writing 101

    • They are super fun! I’m not the only one who thinks so either. Today, we all started begging the teacher to have a Murder Mystery 201! She said she would think about it.

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