V at 2

Mommy finally downloaded Instagram.

She is very bold. She storms around the house making her demands known. However, she become suddenly shy around people she doesn’t know thus giving strangers the impression that she is demur. You know that she likes you when she orders you to retrieve her fishies.

Like her brother, she is a gifted Hunger Artist. She can go a long time not eating. This drives me to distraction. In the face of veggies, she will hold out for a cupcake even if she starves.

She likes to fall asleep snuggling her books.

She is not afraid of anything except bugs, a trait she picked up from her older cousin.

She is obsessed with Max and Ruby. I suppose there are worse things.

She is very interested in clothes and having her nails done. This pleases me.

She loves cats. Our very tolerant felines let her roll around on their backs while they are trying to sleep.

She has amazing gross motor coordination and can climb to the top of playground structures designed for kids three times her age. She loves balls and once to do whatever her big brother is doing whether that’s skiing or basketball.

When mama leaves for work, V will throw herself down on the ground and flail across the floor. She’ll scream bloody murder for about 5 minutes, and then suddenly stop, pick herself up and declare, “I’m ok.” She’ll then demand fishies.


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