Oprah Revelations: Tony Robbins is a big fat sexist.

I have a friend who is kind of a hot shot. She is so hot that she gets sent around the country to different events just to so she will tweet about it to her legion of followers. One of the events that she was invited to was a taping of Oprah’s LifeClass on Own. It was happening in New York and she invited me.

The trip was fantastic. I stayed with my sister and actually got along with my siblings, which is never a given. We had a great time. I only know my hot shot friend through the internet so I got to meet her in person, plus a boy genius that I also only know through the internet. It was fabulous.

The LifeClass, however, was a different story. I had never heard of Tony Robbins before but I was open to him. A LifeClass is just my cup of tea. I have been in recovery for 15 years, I go to therapy,  I’ve read Codependent no more. You know, it’s my thing.

Robbins started out strangely by making everyone get up and jump around and hug people next to us. I don’t even hug people I do know, but whatever. He talked a lot about changing our story about ourselves. In other words, changing the messages that we give ourselves to that we aren’t self defeating. I was feeling it.

But then Oprah did an Oprah thing and started focusing on “ordinary” people. We saw videos about people who were going through various problems. One woman came on the screen. She held out a picture of herself and said, “This is who I used to be. This girl wanted to conquer the world.” The back story was that this woman had a successful company that eventually went under. She was now a stay at home mom. She said that she loved her kids but it wasn’t enough. She missed her business and she felt lost without work.

The video cut out, and what do you know, but this woman was in the audience. So Tony Robbins goes down to talk to her, and they cut to a commercial break. But we could still hear their conversation in the audience. He talked to her about what was really going on, and what a good mother she was. And then he said, “Everyone has a male and a female energy inside of them. What do you think you are more, female or male.” She said emphatically and without hesitation, “Male.” Then he said, “Are you sure?” She hesitated and said, “Female.” I wanted to throw something from the balcony. Female wasn’t really her answer. He made her change it.

He then went on. “Aren’t you tired of being in charge all of the time? Don’t you wish you could have someone take care of you?” And she said, “Sure.” He then told her that she needed to let her husband be in charge (honest to god) and that she needed to get in touch with her “female” energy. Apparently, not the same female energy that let’s Hillary be HBIC. But I digress. He tells her that her assignment was to dance naked and eat chocolates.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This woman was upset that she was no longer in business, and he was telling her to dance naked and be more feminine. But what drove me really crazy was that she accepted this. When the show came back from the commercial, Oprah asked her what she had learned. She said that she had learned that she needed to get in touch with her female energy and not be in charge all of the time.

I almost made an honest to go objection from the peanut gallery. That wasn’t her insight at all. That is what he fed her. 2012 and we are still being told not to worry our pretty little heads about things.

6 thoughts on “Oprah Revelations: Tony Robbins is a big fat sexist.

  1. well…that’s stomach turning.

    And it makes no sense! And who exactly does this guy think in charge of dinner, laundry, cleaning, kids bedtime, etc, etc, etc? oh right-those lacky types he sees running around his house. Oh… he meant in charge of the money, the power, the major life decisions…got it. yeah-who would want to be in charge of those things?

    honestly-rich celebrities should wear muzzles or something.

    I’ll go with the Hilary female energy thank you very much.

  2. i would suggest that you are letting your beliefs override the true message here. I wasnt there but would suggest she was feeling unhappy due to allowing her masculine energy to be more present than her feminine energy therefore her relationship would be quite difficult as it would either be two masculine energys butting heads or a depolarisation where he has more of his feminine energy present.. Ispeaking from my own opinion, I feel much happier when I am free to be the feminine woman I am at the core, No this does not mean she cannot strive and be successful, It means she can be comfortable at her true core by being her true feminine self the MAJORITY of the time rather than the MASCULINE which perhaps wasnt her true core but perhaps who she had become hence her quick answer being ‘male’ and in response she can feel happier and relate to people more naturally. everyone has an opinions but I would dare to say there are vital pieces of the converstaion missed out of this piece and you have chosen to hear only what you wish to hear and what makes you angry. For all you know that woman DID speak honestly and from deep within perhaps she let her guard down and was open and truthful for a CHANGE rather than Masculine and protected and guarded. There is always more to the surface story and the front you get from a person, Tony Robbins is special or talented enough to be insightful to this and to be able to read peoples true feelings and get them to be honest with themselves, he desires to help people be happy and live a more fulfilling life… if THEY choose to.

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