Oprah Revelations: I don’t want to be a lawyer

As embarrassing as this is, and as appalling as Mr. Robbins was, I actually had an Oprah moment. He talked so much about changing “your story” and telling yourself the right messages for success that it got me thinking. And this is what I thought, “Googie, if you were a person who honestly and truly had a burning desire to be a lawyer, what would you do? I would kill myself getting a small firm started. I know how to do a divorce, second parent adoptions and could easily handle a DUI. It would be hard work, and I could fail, but I would kill myself trying. Because I really wanted to be an attorney.”

Then came the real revelation. I don’t really want to be an attorney. When I see my friends post status updates on their facebook timeline that makes it clear that they are working late or on the weekend, I feel relieved that it isn’t me. I don’t feel jealous when someone posts about trial prep. I turn on the t.v. and thank god I have some free time. And as much as I am jealous hearing about nice vacations, there isn’t a job out there that I think is worth missing time with my family.

My only regret is that Oprah did not bring me this insight 5 years ago. But it is timely. Because I have been told that my contract with the state might not be renewed. So I might be looking at a career change: lesbian housewife.


6 thoughts on “Oprah Revelations: I don’t want to be a lawyer

  1. And once you strangle fear and leave it to die you finally live. Those are words I live by … fear tethers us and makes us slaves to things that don’t matter.

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