V has just been talking up a storm. I am particularly impressed with her ability to form questions. She ask, “Mama, where are you?” She’ll point to things that interest her and say, “What’s that?”

When she sees the cat, she makes a meowing noise, “Meeeooowww” which is her word for cat.

But she had phrase that she was using frequently that I couldn’t figure out. She would point to something she wanted, and shout, “Dunk a Do! Dunk a Do!” I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say. But she would walk around demanding “Dunk a Do!”

And then Jen dropped some knowledge on me. “She’s saying Dunkin Donuts.”

Pretty mortifying. V broadened the definition to mean anything that she liked, and desired. I actually had to stop going to D&D for my coffee. Because when the Dunkin Donuts folks see her, they just think she is so cute, and they can’t help handing her a bag of munchkins. And this is how she became so fond of the place.



10 thoughts on “Munchkins

  1. That is hilarious, and she is adorable! (Not sure how I would feel about my kid getting a constant stream of free munchkins, though…)

  2. Ha! When H was 2 we were touring the China House at the Peabody Essex Mueseum. I was holding her as we walked by one of the smaller windows and she said “cream, 2 sugars.” Damn. You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Should I admit I understood immediately what that meant when I read it? I think she just understands the important things in life!

  4. Your daughter is so cute! My name is Molly, and I am a student doing a research study on lesbian weddings in the Boston area. As a lesbian who is married in Massachusetts, I thought you might be a helpful community resource to me, if you are willing. Do you happen to know any lesbian couples getting married during the summer of 2012? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you would forward my contact info to them and tell them about my project! I can also give you more info if you email me. My email address is

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