Same Question. Different Century

We visited Plimoth Plantation today. Hester is a member of the English Colony. Her house burned down this morning. She was distraught. She turned to a friend and cried, “I am a good Christian woman. Why does the Lord punish me?”

Her friend answered, “No one can know the mind of God.”



It’s true. God’s strength is not in communication.

Her house had, in fact, burned down. Here is a picture of it after the fire.

And here is V as the Witch of Blackbird Pond


4 thoughts on “Same Question. Different Century

  1. I love that they stayed in character! When I went, I went off in a snit, mad at my parents, and ran up to my ancestor’s house (randomly, like I knew what I was doing). My 12-year-old mind was completely blown, but the guy playing my ancestor just took it all in stride. It was awesome.

    • Seriously, it was very weird! I had to run down and cut corners to get there, too. I’m descended from that guy four different ways (he had a LOT of kids and they all survived) so maybe there *was* something at work. It still rattles me to think about it.

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