Division of Labor

I received an email asking me to come help out with some yard work at my son’s public school. We received a grant to create an outdoor classroom, but we need to rip everything out of the yard first.

I wanted to help out so I put on some ripped jeans and an old sweatshirt. When I get there, I see some of the other moms. But they aren’t dressed in grubs. They look pretty good in expensive jeans and shiny hair. It soon was apparent as to why. It was the husbands who picked up the shovels and pick axes and got to work. The women folk sat around chatting and minding the children.

The whole situation made me pretty uncomfortable. I was dressed to work so I picked up a shovel. But I started to feel like I was in the way. I know that this will come as a surprise to you, but I am not all that great with physical labor. So I put down the shovel and walked over to the wives. But I was a little intimidated by their shiny hair selves, and I felt kind of dumb being out there. I didn’t have a husband to cheer on. One of the woman said that women created a shadow economy. While it may seem like the men are doing all the work, the women build relationships that have economic value. The writer of this blog felt like that was a pretty clever justification for letting the men do all of the work.

Finally, I decided my contribution would be to run to Dunks and get a Box of Joe for everyone. I yelled GOOD JOB! at the men and just resigned myself to hanging out with the women.

It did make me slightly concerned about the zombie apocalypse. I could see that in a group of ten, you have 6 people with Great Ideas, 5 people contributing to the shadow economy, 3 attempting to work, and about 2 people who are able to actually get stuff done.


4 thoughts on “Division of Labor

  1. That whole situation is just weird. Didn’t you say something before about living in a Stepford Wives sort of suburb? (You didn’t use those words, but that was my interpretation.) The wives with expensive jeans who won’t get their hands dirty seem to fit right into my vision of wherever you live (which can’t be that far from where I live, right?)

  2. I am afraid I am giving you the wrong impression! Honestly, they are good people. This situation surprised me. But I’m glad I stuck around. I felt better once I gave up on working!

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