Puppies and the end of the world

Jen and I have been watching the Walking Dead. It’s fun to watch zombie shows with her because she gets adorably frightened and screams, often. But being a nurse, she is sometimes a little bit too caught in the details of the zombie resurrection.

If the zombies brain steam restarts, that means their heart is beating, and a beating heart means blood, blood means oxygen, and I just don’t see how they are circulating oxygen walking around with all those gaping wounds…

It is not always easy to suspend disbelief.

But all of this zombie apocalypse has gotten me thinking. With all of the environmental dangers out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if humanity WAS heading towards their extermination event. And that really makes me want to get a dog. Not to give the impression that I would be nonchalant about the end of humanity. I wouldn’t. I freak out when it’s time to get my car inspected. But I do want a dog.

Jen and I lost our precious dog a couple of years ago. It was pretty traumatic. We decided that we would wait until we moved into a single family before getting another one. The four of us are pretty cramped in our little condo, plus we already have three cats. We have been waiting for me to land a permanent position before we think about moving. But I am not sure that I am ever going to get a permanent job. If the world is going to end, I really want a dog now. If, by some weird piece of karma, the dog and I survive the apocalypse, the dog is sure to come in handy. And if we both die, we’ll then at least I got to be a dog owner before I died.

I am not sure how this reasoning is going to sit with my wife. She gets kind of caught up in the details. Meanwhile, I’ve been scouring petfinder.


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