The Hamptons

VictoriaI haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days. A cold is a good excuse to curl up in bed and catch up on t.v. (confessional)I am actually kind of into that new show, Revenge. It is just the right mixture of ridiculous and drama that I like. My only complaint is that the Madeleine Stow character isn’t as formidable as I would like her to be. Everyone on the show acts afraid of her. But so far, she has just been hapless to the blonde girls antics. Her friends and associates are being felled left and right. All she does is look dazed, and sends her useless goon to investigate. He is so competent, he hasn’t even figure out that his employer’s nemesis changed her name.

As an aside, it takes place in the Hamptons; which has always struck me as a horrible place. It looks like it is full of white people who can’t hold their liquor. But I would desperately love to see Grey Gardens. I definitely want to hit it up some summer. I hear you can still smell the cat pee.

To get a taste of what you are missing, the link below is apart of their social media campaign. 


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