Swimming with the sharks

This ProBono Divorce case has been much different than anything I’ve done before. I’ve always worked public interest. Even though I am a contract worker, I take my responsibilities as a public servant seriously. I never go for the throat at my day job. As someone who represents the Commonwealth, the goal is not to win but to do justice (and close cases).

This is much different. I entered probate court acting like Ms. Congeniality. I didn’t notice the sharks circling above me. I happily went along my merry way until all hell broke lose. It came to a head on Wednesday where I got into a nasty game of chicken with the point of impact being a hearing on Thursday. I was negotiating late into the night. My nerves were frayed but we finally came to an agreement. I withdrew my motions.

Once the dust settled, I realized, hey, things worked out pretty well for my client. My first thought was to be happy for her. I was also proud of myself. Opposing counsel is much, much more experienced than I am. I held my own.

But what was my second thought?

We should have asked for more.

I think I just grew a back row of teeth.


One thought on “Swimming with the sharks

  1. I always start as a genial negotiator. Given good reason, I am a dolphin. Dolphins kill sharks… Just sayin’.

    Then again, I don’t like family court. (So WHY did I take the training in 209A? Because I am an idiot, it seems.)

    Good on ya for going to the mat for your client. I don’t know why so many family lawyers are such PITAs

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