The real world application of bear trap tort law

This whole thing with my pro bono case has gotten me thinking – what the hell did I learn in law school? I mean, you’re there for three years. I must have picked up something. I do remember a lengthy on-call session in torts where I was grilled about the responsibilities of a homeowner if someone steps into a bear trap. You can imagine how useful that lecture has been.

But faced with an honest to god case, I feel like I know about as much as someone who watches Judge Judy. I hate to admit this but it took me 24 hours to figure out how to file an Appearance. I was given a mentor, as promised, but she wasn’t very helpful. I would email her a question, and she would email me one sentence back: READ THE RULES.

I did something smart and asked for a new mentor. I only had one conversation with him but I feel a lot clearer on the way to proceed. And it’s a good thing, because I get to go visit the ladies of probate court on Monday morning.


7 thoughts on “The real world application of bear trap tort law

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  2. Break a leg! If it helps, I have found that the best way to get through this particular court is to commiserate with the clerks. When they tell you how little they are paid, tell them that its an atrocity given their responsibilities. When they tell you how the building is giving them lung cancer, agree that no person should be required to work under such conditions. When they complain that its 100 degrees in there, whip out a battery operated hand held fan and cool them down. In short, kiss up like you’ve never kissed up before. Good luck!

  3. Rereading my comment about Read the Rules , I realized I communicated the opposite of what I meant! I meant “yes” to changing from a mentor who can’t be bothered to do anything but tell you to read the rules-which you’ve obviously already done and lwhich never mention key steps and points, for some reason.

    ok, I think clarification done and hope keeps going along.

  4. Okay, we do need to read the rules. That being said, the rules of probate (in some areas) are changing darn near daily – like in the area of guardianship. So rules are changing and we’re all tap dancing just as fast as we can. And so are the clerks, to look sort of fried these days. Cultivate the Registers if you can by helping with Lawyer of the Day and doing things to make their lives easier. Some courts are less frenetic than others. Some I cringe at the thought of going back to, others are sort of like old home weak now. I always make friends with the clerks – they can save you or sink you. Always keep that in mind.

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