Labor Day

Me: I hurt my foot walking around Canobie Lake Park – and you don’t care!

Jen: Those shoes you wore were pretty and they went with your dress but they weren’t a good choice for an amusement park.

Me: I’m in pain!

Jen: You’ll have to wear sensible shoes tomorrow. Do you have any?

Me: No….

Jen: You’ll have to wear your sneakers then.

Me: I won’t do it!

Jen: You need to be sensible.

Me: I want to wear my white calvin klein sandles.

Jen: They’re not sensible.

Jen: I wanted to be a fashion anarchist. I wanted to make a statement about not caring about the “don’t wear white after labor day” thing.

Jen: But you didn’t wear your white shoes, you wore your blue shoes.

Mary: Because today is labor day. It’s not a statement today, it’s a statement tomorrow!

What I actually wore on September the 6th because it’s been raining. Green and Sensible.


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