Probably my only post on childhood obesity

In an effort to fight childhood obesity, the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco voted to ban McDonald’s from passing out toys with their happy meals. The BOS of SF are kind of bad ass taking on the Clown like that.

I was thinking of this when I was driving this afternoon. The baby had fallen asleep in her car seat. I didn’t want to wake her up so I was just driving around the West Roxbury Parkway. I went through McDonald’s so my son can get something to eat. I ordered him a boy’s Happy Meal with milk. The milk was so I could feel less guilty about this.

We hit pay dirt with the toy. They were having a Batman promotion. He got a Joker, the Joker’s car and a Batman. He drank the milk, ripped open the toy, and then THREW AWAY the nuggets and the French Fries.

You know, when I started this post I thought this might be illustrative of something.  But now, I am not sure what. Other than he has just ½ my DNA because I never would have thrown away those French Fries.


4 thoughts on “Probably my only post on childhood obesity

  1. My son only wants a Happy Meal for the toys he doesn’t eat the burger so i get him the nuggets and he throws away the french fries too, well more like I eat the fries cause I can’t throw away food, even if it’s junk food. When I was his age I loved fries , I still do. He usually opens the toy first then after I remind him he eats, if we go there now I just get the apple dippers.

  2. I only let my kid have his toy after he has eaten enough of the meal to make me happy. Otherwise he would do the same! A Happy Meal without a toy? Such a ridiculous concept! AND I bet you anything that they wont cut the prices of those expensive kid meals to compensate!

  3. I’ll go months without reading your blog, find my way back and ask myself, “why the hell don’t I read this weekly?” You make me laugh and get hungry all at the sametime (that’s talent!!)

    Hope all is well,

  4. I was so stoked to get the Batman toy the other day, when I ordered a Happy Meal for myself. (I did eventually let Cora have it though. But not until I played with it for awhile.) I think the moral of the story here is that banning the toys would only cut down on parental obesity! My kid eats the nuggets, but rarely the fries, which is absurd, so I gobble them down rather than throwing them out. There’s a substitution now at most places for apple slices and other healthy stuff, so I do that with her meals, she’d rather have fruit. You think I substitute apple slices for fries with my own meal though? Hells no!

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