The Great Tilling the Soil Experiment

Like I mentioned, Jen and I got ourselves a plot at the community garden. We have never gardened before so it’s all an experiment. This is the plot that was given to us:

Here it is after my first real day of getting down and dirty:

It was pretty crazy all of the things I dug out: a pile of tiles, kitchenware, gravel from the street and really thick plants. I was told that plants in the corner are raspberries so I kept those.

The other gardeners are very friendly. One of them told me that coffee grounds are good for the soil. We drink a lot of coffee around here so that is good news.


3 thoughts on “The Great Tilling the Soil Experiment

  1. If you find the coffee grounds are helpful and need more, many Starbucks stores will give you huge bags of grounds for free. Enjoy the raspberries!

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