And now for something completely different

A recent car ride:

Jen: JESUS CHRIST! That car almost hit us!

P: You aren’t supposed to say that, right?

Jen: Right. Because Jesus was the son of God.

P: Does God have any other names?

Jen: Yes! He has a lot of other names!

P: You mean like fuck?

I posted the above exchange on facebook. My sister, who is an educator, pointed out that he is good at discerning the meaning of unknown words from contextual clues. That was kind of her.

If you will indulge some bragging, teachers and family members have remarked that P has a wonderful vocabulary for a child of his age. We do read to him every night. But I also don’t believe in talking down to children. I believe that if you talk to them like you would any other person, they will learn to use context to figure out the meaning of words. They can’t build that context if you are always dumbing things down.

So while we won’t be dumbing it down anytime soon, it appears that we need to start cleaning it up.


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