Now what are we going to do?

Jen: Did you put in an application to get a plot at the community garden?

Me: Yeah, last January. I got put on a wait list.

Jen: Do you think we are going to get a spot?

Me: Not at that garden.

Jen: I wasn’t so interested before. But now I think we should know how to grow our own food.

Me: In case there is a zombie apocalypse?

Jen: Yes.

Me: I hear you.


8 thoughts on “Now what are we going to do?

  1. For my apt. I just got some hanging tomato and strawberry plants, I doubt they’ll look as good as they did in the school fundraising catalogue but at least I tried, if they actually work and yield good stuff then I’ll suggest you try them why you wait to get on the list.

    Sigh…….I miss my big yard garden in the tropics.

  2. Our doctor recommended square foot garden-we’re trying to eat better around here. anyhow-apparently for city living, though I haven’t checked it out yet.

  3. We have a small container garden going on our patio. So far we have herbs, 3 types of peppers, two tomato plants, some marigolds, roses and ivy that is objecting to the heat. We got really fancy and built shelves out of deck lumber and cinder blocks with space for draining.

  4. @KM – there may be gardens that are less difficult to get into. This was just the closest one to our house

    @butterflyfish – cherry tomatoes in pots are a good idea. We have a pretty small porch

    @AA – that sounds great. I do have some wooden flower holders that I grow the herbs in. They work really well. It’s nice having our own basil

  5. Aside from a love of fresh organic veggies, a just-in-case armaggedon mentality has spurred on our slow but steady veg patch. What with all the babies getting in the way it is still a long way from keeping us in greens three seasons out of the year, but it is coming along. At least our chickens are producing about a dozen eggs a day.

  6. Liam and I often share out zombie apocalypse scenarios and how we would survive. I think this would be a great skill that we could all cultivate on the yacht we commandeer and live on just off the coast.

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