Weddings, cupcakes and other catastrophes

The Doomed Cupcakes

I want you to know that I am a fantastic baker. Just ask Jen. I will whip up bake goods for us. We will have some at home, and than she will take the rest to the hospital. I’ll hear all about how the nurses scarfed them all up.

An attorney at work is getting married, and we all agreed to bring in something. I tried this new cupcake recipe. It was a vanilla cupcake with a jelly filling. It sounded kind of romantic. Just right for a prewedding party.

I must have put too much jelly in the cupcakes, because they collapsed in on themselves. They were delicious, mind you. But they were not really cupcakes. You had to eat them with a spoon.

Normally, I would just say that I tried and call it a day. But because of everything that is going on at work, I am afraid I will look petty if I don’t bring something in. As an aside, I actually am very petty. But I do my best to hide it.

Jen told me just to bring a few in to prove that I tried. But after not getting the job and all, I feel like the stench of failure is already lingering near me. No need to back that up with crumbled cupcakes.

Jen told me a story that she had read where the women’s emotions transferred into their cooking. So you always knew their feelings about things from what they had cooked. She thought maybe that is what happened here. Try as I might, it just didn’t work out.

Tomorrow morning, I will have to run around and find a baker somewhere. I will probably just end up at Starbucks and grab some of those funky lemon cakes.


3 thoughts on “Weddings, cupcakes and other catastrophes

  1. Oh my gosh-it’s that movie, right? Like Water for Chocolate. i like that movie a lot-thanks for making me think of it, and good luck finding good baked goods. Maybe Sugar in Rozzie Square? (those of us who can barely bake even with mixes and frozen dough know these things)

  2. as km said, you just described like water for chocolate, my most favourite movie. i hope your next batch worked out just fine.

  3. Yep, Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate, great book. That would be awesome if you could transfer your emotions into your baked goods. “Mmm… this cupcake tastes like… scorn.”

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