I feel like this is becoming the Farrah Show. But I do want to post about some developments.

Like I said, the first thing Farrah did was express “concern” about my working at home some days. But the New Director told me it was fine, and so there was nothing she could do about it.

BUT she could make the situation more difficult. She then outlaid a series of security protocols that had to be followed including signing off on a bunch of forms, encrypting my laptop, sending her the exact times that I am working etc. She also expressed concern that people at home will read the files. That last one is patently ridiculous. We work in an important area of the law, but it is administrative law, and it is not “juicy.” Does she really think my superhero loving five year old is interested in my cases? And I can barely get Jen to pretend to be interested in what I do.

But a couple of friends at work had talked me into just going along to get along until I find a new job. I just agreed to everything.

Meanwhile, I got a phone call from the Chief Investigator of my agency at home. I have a job interview for my job next week. I don’t want to get too excited about it because for all I know it has been promised to someone more politically connected than me. (I plan to write a post about why I think that is a genuine concern. It will be password protected).

But if I do get the job there will be a number of advantages. My pay will nearly double. And Farrah is the supervisor of the interns. So if I am hired permanently, I can argue that I shouldn’t report to her any more.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to send my resume out. I am feeling a little bit more optimistic. There has been a number of jobs posted recently that I am genuinely interested in. As for now, I am going slow, and only applying for jobs that I really want.

Thank you everyone for all of the supportive posts online and off. I really appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Etc.

  1. Damn. That’s a difficult situation to be in – good luck!

    (I need to get my job search together. I need to get the hell out of this city and off this continent!)

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