I had a random thought pop into my head this morning. And that thought was, “Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.”

My second thought was, “How could things get any worse?”

Silly girl.

This morning, waiting for me in my inbox, was an announcement that Farrah was my new supervisor.

The first thing she did was express “concern” that I was working from home on some days. (I work from home because we can’t afford a babysitter on what they are paying me). I literally broke down in tears talking to Jen about it on the phone.

I had to be talked down off of a ledge. A ledge being me giving my two weeks notice. My friends reminded me that it is a very tough market out there, and this is just a temporary point in my career. And I have two kids and I shouldn’t do anything rash.

I listened to them, and then I went in to talk to the New/Interim Director of the Agency. He assured me that there was no problem with me working from home.

So I am still employed for now. I just need to calmly find a new job.



10 thoughts on “Presentiment

  1. I have to add that I also worked with a CRAZY. (I would cry as soon as I got into my car to go home.) I nearly resigned but in the end I documented every unprofessional and inappropriate thing she said/did to me and went over CRAZY’s head and many, many more until I got transferred. You can’t change people like that. I hope something opens up so you can cut and run!

  2. Thank you so much AA. It has been a particularly bad day. Documenting her behavior isn’t a bad idea though. And believe you me, I am applying to jobs so I can get out of there!

  3. You were right that it got worse… but that means it has to get better. I hope you stay there just as long as you need to, but that you find something better soon!

  4. Googie, are you tapping into the BBA’s New Lawyers and Crim Law sections? And I believe that the LGBTQ bar has a mentoring program. These are both good associations, and I have found that a lot of people really do want to be helpful in any way they can. I know you have got a lot on your plate, but if you haven’t already, you might consider tapping into some of these resources as a way to meet practioners who will then have coffee with you and offer to introduce you to more people, all of whom will keep you in mind and forward opportunities along to you as they come up.

  5. I second (third?) the documenting. It might also give you a sense of control of the situation, and having ammunition, as it were, is always a good idea.

  6. and one more thought-F’s behavior, to me, suggests that she may consider you a threat professionally. which is a warped sort of compliment. if that might make you feel better.

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