The flu and other addictions

I’ve had this horrible cold for over a week now. Do you ever just want to cut your nose off? Not to spite your face, but just because you are so tired of feeling stuffy? No? Ok.

But last Sunday, I thought I was getting better. I went into work Monday, after my usual routine of drinking coffee in the morning and getting ready for work. I didn’t feel well at all. The file I was reading at work was full of salacious allegations, so I was actually interested for a change. But as I read the file I kept falling asleep. And I couldn’t focus. It was like my brain had fuzz on it. I decided this cold had made a come back, and I should just go home.

When I got home, I was totally surprised to find Jen in bed asleep. I think I made a snarky comment about sleeping in the middle of the day. But then I crawled in bed and went to sleep too. I pretty much slept until the next morning. Jen and I both complained of headaches

Guess what Jen discovered today. I had accidentally made our morning coffee with decaf that day instead of regular. P’s school had a fund raiser, and we bought a couple of things of decaf just to be good sports. And I had accidentally used the decaf that morning.

So we weren’t felled by the flu. We are just really, really addicted to caffeine.


3 thoughts on “The flu and other addictions

  1. Okay, that’s so funny, because Monday morning my husband kept saying how TERRIBLE he felt, run down, worn out, like he couldn’t get off the sofa. Then, after he’d been up about 3 hours, he realized he’d made decaf instead of regular coffee! And made regular coffee. And then was totally fine.

    And I totally laughed at him. So I’m going to hell. But I thought you might like to hear that you’re not alone!

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious (but I am sorry you two had the caffeine withdrawal headaches – those suck). I will file away to never, ever buy decaf. 🙂

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