We didn’t make it out of there in one piece

V. has picked up an annoying habit of kicking off one of her shoes. She only likes to wear one shoe at a time.

Here we are in Ikea.

She had kicked it off in the parking lot which was bigger than Stockholm, so I knew we would never find it. If you wanna get some dirty looks, walk around a store in the middle of winter with a baby only wearing one shoe.

This was my first time to Ikea. I can see its appeal. Everything was cute and pretty cheap. But I found it stressful. I could not for the life of me figure the store out. It took me awhile to figure out how to even get to the merchandise. There were arrows on the floor, and I was forever going the wrong way. And everyone was looking for numbers once they found an item they wanted to buy. I have no idea why.

But the meatballs were $3.99 and fantastic so we will probably be going back.


4 thoughts on “We didn’t make it out of there in one piece

  1. IKEA is P’s favorite store. She announces this at regular intervals. Fortunately, she also announces that “everybody shares my IKEA,” to let other shoppers know of her magnanimous nature.

    I was fortunate to go the first time with experienced IKEA shoppers. The real secret is to use the website to make your shopping list, send that to your phone, and then treat it like a commando raid. A few meatballs, then downstairs and down to business.

  2. Yup my son used to do that “kicking off one shoe” thing too. I used to look out for the missing shoe but if he was out with Dad he’d come home with one, a few times I’ve found the missing side on the road-side while walking down the road the next day.

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