I have a plan

There has been a lot of hand wringing in my neighborhood because a  Whole Foods is moving in and replacing a grocery store that was an old staple.**** My hood has been gentrified in the last twenty years. When the upper middle class families moved in, they necessarily kicked the poor people out. Apparently, some of them feel guilty about it.

Me? I am a Roche Bros girl through and through. But I’m thrilled. Because I know have a plan A, B, and C.


Plan A: Get a legal job.
Plan B: Goes something like this:
Me: So, if my contract with the government runs out in June, I can apply at Whole Foods.
Jen: (Just stares at me)
Me: What? I’ll get benefits.
Plan C:   Learn to make soap and sell it on Etsy.

**** I wanted to link to an article that gave you an idea of the depth of the conflict. But the best, most hand wringiest debate took place on my mothers’ list serve. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to share about anything that happens on the list serve. In fact, I may be boiled in oil for confirming its existence.


4 thoughts on “I have a plan

  1. Indeed. Boiled in oil. 🙂

    I read it all there too. Oof.

    We shop ONLY at Harvest and City Feed. We probably won’t do much shopping at Whole Foods but I am thrilled to have another option to walk to. Especially since Harvest is awful and despite the multiple emails I’ve sent with complaints, they’ve done NOTHING to change it. So maybe we will end up doing more shopping at WF. And I for one, am really glad it’s coming. For the option.

  2. I really like Cityfeed, but their produce is so expensive. They have the BEST sandwiches however. Harvest, I have mixed feelings about. It’s kind of dirty in there, and they are inconsistent. But I like that you can get local produce.

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