More than she can chew

January is the month of birthdays. My daughter turns one and my son turns five. It’s a big month around here.

P is in kindergarten and we weren’t sure what ‘s the birthday etiquette. Who do you invite? Just the boys? Just some of the boys and girls? Jen suggested that we invite his entire class to the party. I thought that was a little crazy. But one December morning I dropped my son off at school, and I saw this cute little girl just burst into tears. There was a little miniature Regina George telling her that she was most definitely NOT invited to her party.

I didn’t want any part of this. I went home and told Jen that she was right. We should invite everyone. And she reassured me about the decision, “Don’t worry. Not everyone will come.”

We’ll guess what. Everyone can come. And I am totally freaking out. P wants a dinosaur theme. I have borrowed dinosaur cookie cutters for cookies, a dinosaur piñata and a killer meatball recipe. I will let you know how it turns out.


3 thoughts on “More than she can chew

  1. LOVE the pinata! Is that the one you will use for the party? Hopefully, at age 5, the kids will be really easily impressed- you’ll just be dealing with kids running around your house jacked up on sugar 🙂 And if you invite everyone thats more presents for P!

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