Saddle me up

This afternoon, the new, interim, maybe permanent Jefe called us into a meeting to talk about all of the changes the agency has gone through. There has been a bit of a clean sweep through the agency, and people are depressed and frightened.

He starts talking about everything that we have gone through, and then he tells us a story. He said that he and his girlfriend were out riding horses one day. His girlfriend was riding a white horse named Snowflake. Well, Snowflake kept wandering off. She wouldn’t behave and kept going this way and that. So finally the horse trainer told the girlfriend to get off the horse.

When she did the trainer took the reins and started to whip the horse’s face and shoulders, scolding it the whole time. When she was done she told the girlfriend to get back on the horse.

Girlfriend replied, “I don’t want to get on a beaten horse.”

And then the punchline.

New Jefe tells us, “That is kind of how I felt when they told me I was taking the reins of this agency.”

My friend turns me and says, “Wait. Does that mean we’re the horse?”


4 thoughts on “Saddle me up

  1. Ouch. Sometimes you just want to say, “what the hell were they thinking??”

    (And that sucks about the job – but you’ll get something else! Something better!)

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