It’s like 3L Year All Over Again

As I look at the year in review, I realized, it’s time to bitch about my job again. You may recall that I wasn’t sure about this job. And I went into quit after orientation because my heart and my head told me that this wasn’t a good idea. But when I talked to the big boss, he talked me out of it. He told me what a great opportunity it was. The deal is they hire you on contract at a low salary. He promised me he would do everything in his power to get me hired on at full salary just as soon as he could.

Yeah, it is such a great opportunity.

He just got fired.

And all my political capital walked out the door with him. I talked to my direct supervisor today. She said that she was sure I was fine until my year contract was up, but she wasn’t sure about a permanent job. The whole place is being restructured.

Career wise, I am right back to square one.


10 thoughts on “It’s like 3L Year All Over Again

  1. No! Having that year of experience makes a big difference. People are way more likely to hire someone with a little experience than none. It’s also much easier to find a new job when you’re currently employed. Good luck!

  2. Ditto Elizabeth. Polish off the resume and hopefully the new job will come through while you’re still employed. So sorry — this totally sucks. Good luck!

  3. I agree that having experience to put on your resume is significant-makes people look at you differently that you have real life experience in law under your belt , and you have a wider network to click into now by having put in time there. Bummer that you’re gearing up for job hunt again, but hope this turns out to be the right stepping stone to a position you really like!

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