I hope your holidays were as fabulous as ours. Despite hitting hard financial times, we did all right by the kids. I realized Christmas was going to be a problem, so back in August I started buying a present or two every time I got paid. It was an uncommon bit of foresight on my part. Perhaps I am growing up.

We have a blizzard coming our way. So with a little bit less foresight, I decided to hit the Roche Bros before it got here. Unfortunately, all of Boston had the same idea. The place was so crazy, you would think they were giving out free money.

Because of my kids people at the grocery store stop to talk to me. They tell me:

  1. My kids are the cutest in the store
  2. They should be child models
  3. They look like cabbage patch dolls

My response:

  1. agreed
  2. agreed
  3. agreed

There are other things everyone agrees on:

  1. It is ridiculous to panic
  2. The storm probably won’t even hit
  3. The grocery store will be open tomorrow at any rate.


  1. agreed
  2. agreed
  3. agreed

But there we all are. In the Roche Bros deli waiting for our number to be called.


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