Space Girl’s Outpost

My job has been kind of growing on me. It doesn’t have the gritty excitement of working at the District Attorney’s office, but I’ve been meeting more people that I really like. Plus, I get to leave at five. And there is a REALLY good Vietnamese place nearby that sells $3.50 lunches.

But the fact remains it is not paying bank.

So I jumped into my next adventure and opened an Ebay store. I contacted a liquidator from a nice chain, and bought a shit load of men’s wares. We have men’s shirts all over the house. Jen is being a really good sport about all of this because our place looks like an episode of hoarders at moment.

I actually opened up two stores. I am experimenting using both Ebay and Bonanza. Everything that I have sold so far has been on Ebay. But Ebay has really bad high fees. Bonanza is a lot cheaper, but they don’t have the traffic. We’ll see which way I go. But in the meantime,

here is my Ebay Store:

here is my Bonanza booth:

my blog where I muse on men’s fashion:

Here is my logo that my darling brother helped me create:

Space Girl's Outpost


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