I passed the bar!

I used to work downtown and attend AA meetings at lunch. There was an old timer there who really inspired me. He used to say, “I’ve done everything in my life that I wanted to do. Now, I just want to love and be loved.” I would hear this every week, until one day something occurred to me. I have not done everything that I wanted to do. I wanted to go to law school, and I wanted to have a baby.

So now, five years or so on, I had a baby, my wife had a baby, and I went to law school. I received notice that I passed the July 2010 bar exam. I am super excited and relieved. I now need to plot my next move. I am hoping my next move is made with a little bit less insanity than my last career decision.

In the meantime, I have been exploring (legal) ways to make some extra money. I have talked to women who have made successful careers for themselves at home. I will be posting about this soon.


7 thoughts on “I passed the bar!

  1. Congrats!! Welcome to the other club full of people who drink too much and whose lives are unmanageable! Seriously, I find the program helps with the crap of the profession.

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