Halloween 101

My favorite holiday is this Sunday. I love Halloween. I love cute kids dressed up in costumes, I love jack o lanterns, and I love trick or treating.

We got invited to a couple of kid parties this Sunday. I was a little dismayed to see that they were scheduled right during prime trick or treating time. This got me wondering, are people afraid of Halloween? We have already made the holiday incredibly safe in my neighborhood. The town’s center is organized so kids can get candy from the local shops.

Then I was furthered dismayed when I read on one of my neighborhood list serves, a group of moms who were trying to think up “healthy” Halloween treats to give out. They were actually suggesting handing out pencils and stickers.

This is an outrage. When did parents become such a bunch of killjoys?

I decided what is needed is Halloween 101.

  1. Parties are great. But Halloween is about trick or treating. Throw a party on Evacuation Day.
  2. Halloween is not about collecting school supplies. It’s about candy. Not erasers, not glue, not pretzels. Jesus. It’s just one day. Live a little.
  3. Halloween involves a social contract. If you give out pencils, expect to be egged. It’s in the fully enforceable contract.  The pencils are the consideration. This is what is known as a “trick” for your lack of a “treat.” And no, Teddy Graham Bears don’t cut it either.

Next Sunday, I will be taking my kids out trick or treating. And if you come to my house, you will get bite sized snickers. That is, if I don’t eat them all first. But to hold you over, here is some pre-Halloween cuteness.


10 thoughts on “Halloween 101

  1. I wouldn’t mind the Teddy Grahams, but it would be a bummer if that were the best thing in the sack.

    We only give out candy that we have no desire to eat ourselves (typically lollipops or gummi-things). A bag of bite-size Snickers would be way too tempting. It might not make it to trick-or-treat time.

  2. It’s almost as bad as making Cookie Monster eat carrots.

    Down here in New Orleans, they’re thinking of making trick or treat on Saturday. I’ve heard of this before in the Bible Belt, where Sunday is the Lord’s day and Halloween is the devil’s holiday or whatever, and I was like – really, New Orleans? And then I found out it’s because the Saints game is on Sunday night. My faith was restored. Though not in whoever schedules Saints games. I mean, come on.

  3. Oh I am so glad to hear someone else say this! Hallowe’en + candy and costumes and going door-to-door in the dark (or dusk) to see what you can get!
    I got married November 1st, 2008, and our rehearsal the night before was a costume party. I was walked down the aisle in my poodle skirt by Henry the 8th, to meet J dressed as a 50s “greaser”. It was awesome, and fun, and I love Halloween! I still dress up to hand out candy, ’cause I can’t go without dressing up for Halloween myself. Still not sure what to wear this year, though, we’re going to see Thriller live…

  4. @Rhea – I’m glad you are in the neighborhood! You should pass out treats.

    @Gillian – we had the same thing. One of the town’s changed Halloween to Saturday because of the football game. They said it was for safety because of the cars, but I think the parents just wanted to stay home and watch the game.

    @riatha1982 – Your rehearsal party sounds awesome.

  5. That is one super cute lobster. In Nevada, October 31 is a state holiday – Nevada Day – and thus sacred. But they still tried to tweak when kids could trick-or-treat. Should it be on the 31st? Or Nevada Day as observed (if, God forbid, it fell on a weekend)? Why can’t people leave well enough alone?

  6. I agree 100%!! Halloween is about candy! You participate or you don’t- no substitutes accepted! If you want to give out pencils WITH candy- be my guest…but no candy…it’s like making a donation in someone’s name on their birthday in leiu of a present (LAME!)

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