The Graveyard of Social Convention

In my old age, I try to remain unflappable. In my twenties, I would get upset over ever little thing. Everything bothered me. But now, water off a duck’s back. I just accept that people think differently than me. But then, I became a state worker. And a guy I worked with announced that he does not tip waitresses. Ever. Because he doesn’t have to. Well, consider me flapped.

My appeals to reason, fairness and implied contracts didn’t make a dent on his conscience. There is no law stating that he has to tip, therefore, he does not.

Oh, and that secretary I told you about. The one who disappears for hours at a time? Well, not only has she grown increasingly hostile whenever someone hands her a file, she has also taken to using the men’s restroom.


5 thoughts on “The Graveyard of Social Convention

  1. Could the secretary be transitioning F to M? I know the restroom thing is kind of a thorny issue.

    Although I’ll use the men’s if the women’s is in use. I’m shameless and have the world’s tiniest bladder. 🙂

    Non tipping: Yeah. The guy’s a jerk, and those waitstaff are paying taxes on putative tips, anyway.

  2. @juliet – Hi Juliet! Aren’t you glad you aren’t in government?

    @EH – I know that transitioning is a possibility, but I really don’t think that is what is happening. She is a little old lady. I think she is just nutty. Also, the bathrooms are huge, so I don’t think it’s a case of the women’s room being occupied.

    @Associate girl – thanks. This maybe the nuttiest place I ever worked at. It’s kind of weird though, because the work is so mundane.

  3. Weird on the bathroom thing but maybe she is ill, incontinent, or something. And she sucks. I’m sorry you are saddled with her.

    Karma will get your coworker. There is a special place in hell for non-tippers. Does he not realize that waitstaff get LESS than minimum wage because of presumed tips? Grrr!

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