My funeral arrangements

There is nothing like a death to make you feel grateful for being alive. A friend’s brother was found dead. We attended the wake. They were Catholic, so they had a priest lead a prayer. Having been raised catholic, I instinctively knew all of the responses to the priest’s lead. You can tell that I have never

taken my boy to church because he kept pulling at my ear and saying, “Why are you SAYING that? Why does everyone keep talking?” I tried to explain that we were praying, but it was a completely foreign topic to him.

I jog around an old cemetery, it is beautiful with the Victorian headstones. Poets and war heroes are buried there. Going for a run there makes me feel alive and not in the ground.

I have a friend who advised me to think of my death every day. I told Jen that when I died, for my funeral, I wanted her to do whatever would make her feel better, but nothing that would put her in debt. Money is for the living. She suggested that we be cremated together. I thought it was a perfect idea.


3 thoughts on “My funeral arrangements

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. The unexpected losses are the hardest ones, I think. I hope your friend is able to get some closure.

    If I ever take my kid to church, she’ll be doing the same thing – even though I’m a preacher’s kid and my husband used to be extremely evangelical, we’re both atheists and never go.

    Wait: not true. I go sometimes because I want to sing hymns, and when P was a baby, I’d rocker to sleep singing every hymn I could think of! Sometimes she still asks me to sing “He Leadeth Me.” 🙂

  2. I agree that ‘death’ can indeed be a leveller in life and indeed motivates many of us to achieve more and make ‘it’ count… how often we say ‘life is too short’ ?

    As for you accompanying picture is a little scary and gost-like.

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