Where I pretend that I actually have servants

Our new nanny started today. I feel so fancy having a nanny. Whenever someone asks me who takes care of kids, I say in a slightly uppity manner, “They are with the nanny.”

What I am not saying is that I make one whole dollar more an hour than what I am paying the nanny.  And when you factor in the fact that I have to pay her for my travel time to and from work, she actually makes out better than I do. That’s right. I actually lose money at work.

You might wonder, as have I,” Why would anyone take a job when they lose money?” Because this has the potential to turn into a well paying job. Also, the economy is so bad, I felt that it was better to take a job and have it on my resume then not. Hopefully, when things turn around, I can use this experience towards something more lucrative.

Actually, this is all bullshit. I am going to reapply to the DAs office just as soon as I can. I am bored out of mind. I can hack being poor. I HATE being bored.


3 thoughts on “Where I pretend that I actually have servants

  1. I feel you. I guess that’s why instead of sitting around on unemployment, I’m driving myself crazy working a bunch of pro bono cases. However, I’m starting to think boredom isn’t such a bad thing…

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