Indecent exposure

Last week, I tripped over my cat and fell into some toys. Hard. Yes, I tripped over my cat. It wasn’t the first time either. She’s black.

Anyway, it looks like someone took the flat side of a knife and scraped me. I’m all messed up. I’d show you a picture but it’s right under my left breast. Which is part of the problem because I can’t sit or bend over without it stinging. I sat down for my Corporations exam and told the girl behind me to not be alarmed if I stick my hand up my shirt. I wasn’t feeling myself up! She laughed uncomfortably.

I got through the exam and had a job interview the next day. I had to put on a bra. In my twenties, I could have gone without. I honestly used to think that bras were an accessory. Ten years have gone by, and I have breastfeed a baby. I now know, bras serve a purpose. I put one on and gritted my teeth for the whole interview. It went fine, I think. But as soon as I got to the parking lot, I quickly looked around. No one was there so I did that trick your old aunt used to do. You know, where she took off her bra without showing any skin, like she was going to pull a rabbit out of her armpit next. I know it was trashy, but I was in pain. I didn’t care.

And that is why I was stripping in the parking of  governmental center.


6 thoughts on “Indecent exposure

  1. I once told the guy sitting next to me in Civil Procedure that I was terribly sorry but I forgot to put on deoderant. He looked at me like I was crazy and then refused to look me in the eye for the entire rest of law school. I was just trying to be helpful. For the most part, law students take everything far too seriously.

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