Easter. Remedial.

Jen has to go back to work on Sunday (god help me). So we have to do Easter a little early here at the Baba household. Jen was going to her family’s all day, and then we were going to dye Easter eggs before bed. We will have Easter Saturday morning.

I remember my mom being pretty organized about this. I am not my mother.

We go to dye the eggs when Jen tells me that she didn’t buy any. So I run to the Bodega, but all they have are brown eggs. I buy a dozen though I am not sure that this is going to work.

I get home, and reconsider. We really need white eggs. I jump in the car and hit the Stop and Shop, and buy a doze white eggs. We’re all set.

We get home and it is now pretty late. My son should really be in bed.  We set up the dye when I realize we don’t have white vinegar. We have rice vinegar, but it’s kind of brown. We read the instructions and it says we can use lemon juice. Great.

I vaguely remember my mom doing this outside.

We start to drop the eggs in when I remember that the eggs are supposed to be boiled. We don’t have time. Jen assures me that it will be ok. We just have to be really careful.

It’s messy, but we do it, and we only break one egg. I send P off to sleep. Just before I close the door, Jen shout’s, “Wait, I have to get Easter basket out of there.”

You know, we could have tried harder with this. Jen tells me that next year, when I am out of school, I can do Easter my way.

At any rate, here at the non-boiled dyed with lemon eggs.


3 thoughts on “Easter. Remedial.

  1. HA HA HA! You guys crack me up! We bought Jacob’s easter basket and fillings the right after Easter Sunday Mass- so I wasn’t any better. And I didn’t even ATTeMPT eggs this year. But seriously, that is a hilarious story. You know, I HATE hard boiled eggs but I love to dye them- I think I’ll try your way next year so I can still use the eggs to make cookies and stuff 🙂

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