Over-educated and under-qualified

If you are like me, and without a job your 3L year, perhaps you have been hitting up your Career Development Office (CDO). And they probably tell you to go out on informational interviews (it’s so important!).

I emailed a bunch of lawyers to see if they would meet with me. Shockingly, they all agreed to the interviews. I literally spent my entire break running around to law offices. Here are a few of my observations.

  • This is really informative and a great thing to do. It would have been SUPER 1L year or even pre-law. Actually, if I had done this before law school, I probably wouldn’t have gone at all.
  • Women are more helpful then men.
  • People are really generous with their time. I mean it.
  • There are no jobs out there.
  • I go to a Tier 1 school in Boston. Not Harvard. (I am trying to keep my thin veil of anonymity here). The women that I talked to from my school who went to Big Firms were less helpful than others. They saw my DAs experience last summer and looked at me as if I was getting my law degree from Nicaragua. The girls from the fourth tier school, and the graduates from my school who didn’t go to big firms, were more helpful. Probably because they all had experience being scrappy. And finding a job is going to take some scrappiness.
  • Nobody likes my resume’s formatting, but they all had different issues with it.

What I learned is that I need to go old school with my job search. Forget the CDO, forget sending out 1,000s of resumes, forgot networking. It’s time to appeal to the big dogs….

I am praying the rosary and saying novenas to St. Jude. I think petitioning the patron saint of hopeless cases is justified.

I don’t know that I have the right “mind” for prayer. It’s not that I don’t believe, because I do. But I keep telling God that He knows I am just going to harass Him every day until I get a job, so throw me a bone already. I vaguely remember something about humility in prayer.

Also, Katie Everybody complained that I had no photos of the baby. So gratuitously here is my girl.


19 thoughts on “Over-educated and under-qualified

  1. First things firs: Your girl is BEAUTIFUL!

    Second, I was also blown away by how generous lawyers were with their time (I did a bunch of informational interviews after I got out). I’ve noticed, too, that people from big firms are not quite as helpful/forthcoming, but I always assumed that was because there was a very specific path that led to that job, and if you weren’t on it, it just wasn’t relevant.

    I’d be interested to know what people did/didn’t like about your resume.

  2. Hey there Shelley,

    The resume advice was actually very helpful.

    The Two Ladies remade my resume and it looks really great: http://twoladiesinwaiting.wordpress.com/

    I spent 15 years in the workforce before going to law school.
    My resume was two pages long. A couple of people told me I had to get it down to one page.

    I had gone over it a bunch of times. But there were still a couple of small inconsistencies that I missed, but they caught.

    Another girl felt that I wasn’t selling myself enough, and that I should “puff” myself up a bit more. She was one of the scrappy ones.

  3. Thank you! What a cutie!

    I hope you find your dream job. It’s too bad you’re not married to a DA who cheated… because then you could get a gig in a fancy defense firm, working with an old college crush, and there would be tons of romantic tension, and you’d be the new kid on the block, but dammit, you would know what you were doing and no one would mess with you, except for the other junior associate, a young know-it-all kid, just out of college, a kid who was such a prick to Rory Gilmore just a few years ago…

    PS. Do you watch “The Good Wife”?

    PPS. I need to stop watching TV and do something productive.

    PPPS. But “The Good Wife” is a great show.

    PPPPS. And Juliana Margulies is HOT.

  4. Katie, that’s so funny. I haven’t seen the show, but my Professional Responsibilities professor loved it. He was always using plot lines from the episodes to illustrate various points.

  5. she is soooo precious! I was also hoping for pics of her but I kept forgetting to ask. I never even heard of informal interviews- I had no idea you could do such a thing- awesome! good luck on getting a great job- it will happen! it WILL!

  6. Hi-i found your site through universalhub/braving the bps lottery-hilarious note re: the whole lottery process by the way. As a mom and former lawyer (passed the bar, practiced, discovered it was not my callling,found something else-glad I tried it at least) enjoy reading your observations-and i think our sons may have taken a class together in Boston so feel a bit of connection. In short, I wanted to give you a boost.

    I do actually know someone who found a job through an informational interview in Biglaw in NYC, no less. It wasn’t this recession but was during a dip (2000/2001) , so please hang in and keep scrapping along. She ended up fleeing Biglaw quick but it did give her a start.

    • Yes, it was a music class in the spring 2009 before son started preschool-my husband Bob took him most of the times-he says hi to Jen, by the way.

  7. Googie, She is gorgeous! And look at those pouty lips–so precious.

    That’s awesome that you are doing informational interviews. I have zero crim law connections, but if by some chance something comes my way, I will be sure to pass it along to you.

  8. I’m not religious at all, but the idea of saying novenas to St. Jude is sounding pretty good.

    (The thought of being a practising lawyer still makes me want to run away screaming. But we’ll overlook that detail for now.)

  9. I know a family lawyer in Boston who might be available for an informational interview and would probably be worth talking to. Let me know offline if you’d like to look into or get more information.

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  11. ….aaand I forget what happened in the first half of your post, on account of the fact that I was blindsided by adorable in the second half. That much cute really ought to come with a warning label, so that your poor readers aren’t left trying to cuddle their computer screens. Congratulations again, you two! So looking forward to seeing the four of you grow together.

    I have no useful connections in Boston to offer, but I am glad to pout and stomp my feet on your behalf in our friendly neighborhood cathedral (God listens better when you make a scene somewhere dramatic). Good luck!

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