The scene outside my window this very moment.


Me: It’s so cold here. Why do we live in New England?

My Massachusetts born and bred wife: Gay marriage is legal here.

Me: One of these days, gay marriage is going to be legal someplace warm and you are going to lose that trump card.


5 thoughts on “February

  1. Damn it, California! We could have had a perfectly good lesbian couple and their really cute kids move here and be our new friends, and you had to screw it up and make gay marriage illegal. Way to ruin my life.

    (70 and sunny in Santa Monica today….)

  2. Hello from another Angeleno. It’s temp has dropped a bit, I think it was in the high 60’s today. I must have heard the word chilly 3 times today.

    Anyway, like you blog a lot. I have two daughters with my partner and I just launched a site called goodkin (www.WeAreGoodkin.com)

    It’s a non traditional famiy lifestyle site. Check it out. Love to know what you think.


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