Postcards from T.V. Land

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a genuine love of T.V. This relationship has been seriously interfered with by law school. I just don’t have the time for her anymore.

But last night, Jen headed out to the Tegan and Sarah concert, and I held down the fort. After I put the boy to bed, the baby fell asleep on my shoulder. I didn’t want to move her so I HAD to watch t.v. It was like that scene in Clockwork Orange where they peel his eyes backs and force him to watch things.

The baby slept for a few hours so I got a bit caught up on shows people have been talking about.

The first thing I watched was Jersey Shore. So here are my impressions:

  • Sammi Sweetheart – Yeah, you’re pretty
  • J-Woww – Very interesting. I thought this girl had some serious dyke energy about her. Maybe she’s just tough, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a girlfriend tucked away in Staten Island somewhere.
  • Angelina – “Sluts need to be abused.” You know what? I hate girls like you.
  • Snookie – My fav.

As a programming idea, I really want to see a Massachusetts version. We could call it Revere Beach. BTW – I dated a girl from Jersey. She was a pain in the ass.

Next, I watched Hoarders. It was surprisingly emotional. It really made me want to clean something. I decided to start with my hair. The baby had vomited all over it. I guess this is why mom’s cut their hair short.


5 thoughts on “Postcards from T.V. Land

  1. I think it was Daily Beast that already did a piece on the Massachusetts version. It’s called Massholes. I would watch it, but only once I’ve moved. I don’t think I could handle my real life getting so close to my reality television.

    Btw, would you send Jen to another concert so you can catch up on Big Love?

  2. We are all caught up on Big Love! But I really feel like they have jumped the shark with this election thing. First of all, Bill’s reasoning doesn’t even make sense. Being a puny state senator isn’t going to help his cause. He will just get booted out of office at the next election cycle. Plus, in the first season, Barb got in trouble when she was about to be “Mother of the Year.” That episode involved the governor’s wife. So they were already exposed in political circles. I think someone would remember and call foul.

    Anyway, I think the first couple of seasons were better.

  3. Love the Benny and Margine storyline. I especially like it since they started it several seasons ago. I think that shows a certain amount of discipline on their part.

    And Nikki is my favorite character. I pretty much love all of her storylines. She is way more fun than ol’ boring Barb.

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