Random Musings from the Sleep Deprived

When I first entered law school, I had this funny idea. I thought there would be a lot of other moms there. I imagined us having study groups over coffee while our kids played in the next room. Funny me.  There was only one other mother that I found in my entire class, and her daughter was much older. In fact, if there is one distinguishing characteristic of my law school days it’s that I am usually the oldest person in the room besides the professor.

There is one exception. There is another woman who I have seen walking the corridors, not in my section. She looks older than me. When I first saw her, I smiled at her because we had this non-traditional thing in common. She would never smile back, and would look away. I didn’t think about her much after this. She’s like this with everybody. I never see her talking to anyone.

Well, our relationship has changed. We have seating charts in our school. On the first day, the professor passed a chart around and we put our names on the seat. I really liked my seat. It was right next to a girl I knew from other classes. Plus, it was in the back and on the end so I can get in and out easily. So on the first day of class, I signed my name to my seat.

Then I was out for a week because my daughter was born. I guess the other woman decided to claim adverse possession because when I came back, she had moved into my seat. Now I have to fight to get to school early because if I don’t, she will sit there.

I have two kids. How often do you think I get to class early?

Of course, I could just point out to her that she has taken my assigned seat. But that would make me look petty.  So instead, I sit behind her, and I drill holes in the back of her head with my eyes.


6 thoughts on “Random Musings from the Sleep Deprived

  1. omg- how rude! That is soo annoying. How can she think she can just disregard the seating chart like that? I hope the professor calls on her by your name and she has to explain herself!

  2. [Trial Ad: Cross Mode] The professor expects you to sit in the seat corresponding to your position on the seating chart, isn’t that right? And isn’t it true that the seating chart indicates you sit in seat ##? And… [blah]

    [Pragmatic / Client Counseling Mode] I would (1) meet and confer with the professor to ensure that your name actually appears in the position on the chart that you, in earnest, believe to be your seat; (2) during your meeting, attempt to identify where that person should be seated [tactfully suggesting mere error of your peer OR discretely searching for her name on the chart if known] (3) confront your peer with a “I think I’m suppose to sit there and I wouldn’t want to get in trouble/make a scene for sitting in the wrong seat” theory.


    [Just me] That’s annoying. I’m sorry. Personally, I don’t really think it is petty to enforce the seating chart. A diversion *during class* in which she might get called out by the prof. helps no one. While potentially, if only momentarily, gratifying for you– what if the professor amended the chart to place her in that seat and sought you out as the non-complying party? Or concluded you acquiesced in surrendering your seat? [God, is this really “just me” ?] In any case, I say call her out. In the best case you’ve struck up a conversation and in the worse case you’ve alienated an already disinterested/reclusive classmate. What do you have to lose? Peggy Post isn’t keeping score.

  3. With some of my professors, having the wrong person in a seat would cause a 10 minute delay in class continuing as the old dude struggled to figure out what happened, who they are, and where he is.

  4. I’ve enforced seating charts. 😉 I hope it’s not petty, but where I sit makes a huge difference in the amount of attention I pay!

    Thanks for your comment, btw. 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog since I used to care enough about law school to blog about it (in other words, a very, very long time ago). I bet your cake was awesome.

  5. OMG – LMAO!!!
    You are me – I am you!! 🙂

    Seriously – I am an older student, married w/ kids, usually oldest or one of in the class, miss my former passion (TV) cause no more time, etc…

    Biggest similarlity – I spent ALL last semester stressed about my ASSIGNED seat being hijacked in 2 classes – BY SAME GIRLS!!!! It was all I could do not to physically pound them some times!! Just like you, many times I would show up just when class was beginning or a minute or so after, walk to my seat and WOOPS – mary jane over hear decided TODAY it was her seat! What made it hard for me was it was soo random! When I FINALLY couldnt take it and confronted them – they said it was because some days there weren’t enough seats. Seems logical on its face right – you snooze you lose? Except, I sat on the end of the row – if you come in and the only seat left is at the end of the row, why wouldn’t you just go get another damn chair? KNOWING I sit there and if you take my seat I will be without one??? Arrgh!
    So, I decided one day to come in EARLY! When I got there, chicky’s back was to me, but what did I see? The entire row was empty and she was sitting AT THE END OF THE ROW IN MY SEAT!!!!! So, clearly she didn’t even TRY to sit in her seat! INSANE!!!! 🙂
    Then it happened EVERY DAY in another class – same exact girl – so I said F it and switched seats, but I sent an email to Prof to “inform” him of my seat change. I did NOT blame the girl but just said this current seat is vacant so could I move. Well, this started a mini holy war between me and the girl/mean girls in her group – I was immature, etc for telling the Prof.
    WHATEVER!!! Too old for this garbage! 🙂

    SOO, 2nd day of class this semester, what do I see but someone sitting in my seat!!! I almost had a panic attack!!! 🙂 Worst part was, this class was so full, I literally had to grab like a corner of a table! I sent my Prof an email THAT day and straightened it out! I could not go thru that again!!

    Sorry so long, but it cracked me up when you talked about this – really thought it only happened to me!

    Take care!!!

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