Mother always said I would never starve if I knew how to type (she actually did say this)

Blogosphere, you heroine is having a hard time. I’ve been donning a positive attitude and sending resumes out and trying to network. Since my 1L year, I knew I wanted to be a prosecutor. But for many reasons, we are geographically bound to Boston. That leaves only a few counties where I can apply. There is a refrain that I have been hearing from state agencies I send my resume to: budget cuts. I know. The economy is bad.

I went to the Career Development Office to see if they had any thoughts about this, and they said I needed a plan B and C. I told them I would go talk to a professor I know about becoming a bar advocate (a Massachusetts version of public defender).

Then the CDO suggested that my plan C would be to apply to small and mid-size firms. Ok. Melt down number 1. What kind of back up plan is that? Everyone I know is doing that and no one is getting anywhere. That is my safety plan? Really?

At any rate, I go and I talk to the professor about becoming a bar advocate, and she practically scoffed in my face. Did I know how inundated they were with applications? Don’t waste my time.

Melt down number #2. This one was a little more serious. My four year old actually gave me a hug. He’s been having melt downs too because, you know, we have this new person living with us. So we have that in common.

I’m afraid Jen’s been holding down the fort emotionally, and she is still recovering from a C Section.

I did get a couple letters back from DAs office simply saying that they don’t look at resumes until the person has passed the bar. That’s fine. But bar results come out in October. What am I to do between July and October? One DAs office talked about the possibility of an internship, which I would love to do, but it is unpaid. I have two kids. I just can’t go 3 more months without money coming in.

So, here is the remnants of a plan. I decided I have come too far to not go for what I really want. I am going to wait until October to apply to the DAs office. The budget will probably be just as bad, but I want to at least try for what I really want.

In the meantime, I will try and pick up some temporary work. If I can get something legal like document review, that’s fine. But frankly, I can type. Fast.


8 thoughts on “Mother always said I would never starve if I knew how to type (she actually did say this)

  1. I’d do the unpaid internship and find part-time or night work. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want to work there after you get Bar results, that’s probably the only way to get your foot in the door.

  2. good luck! I like your plan, to shoot for what you REALLY want. But who knows you might find something else you really like too. I think it’s so rude that the professor scoffed at you- like how is that constructive? RRG! Doesn’t it seem like job resources departments at law school are wastes of time? I never found anything helpful at mine. Keep chugging along, keep looking- the right job is out there! It’s worth the work to find a job you will love. In the meantime, steal as many baby kisses as possible 🙂

  3. Dunno how it all works there in Boston, but some friends of mine here (ky) were just able to get on with the child support division of the county prosecutor’s office under some sort of grant. They heard about it through the grapevine, our career services office definitely didn’t know about it. Pays crappy, but could eventually get them into the commonwealth atty’s office. Maybe there’s something like that available? Money specifically earmarked for those kinds of initiatives?

  4. I’ve only begun reading your blog recently after stumbling on it through universalhub but even in that short time I can tell you’re a smarty-pants and a serious good writer who will land on her feet. Good luck.

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